Mr. Bandit

Mr. Bandit are snacks for cute troublemakers. Dangerously tasty, they will steal your pet’s heart!

A snack is the greatest good that a dog can get. At a mere thought of snacks, dogs turn into cute bandits and will do whatever it takes to get them from their people!


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Mr. Bandit

Catchy looks, seductive whimpers, piercing tail strokes are a secret weapon of dog bandits. Seemingly charming, cheerful and well-behaved, they become diehard, sly and feisty in a struggle to get a snack – that’s what the dog gang is like!

Are you curious where the dog bandits come from? They will conquer your vicinity pretty soon! Get to know George, Lucas, Dave and 17 other rascals and their stories…


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What to do when a dog bandit forces food from us?

A gourmand rascal, glutton, always hungry, unsatisfied or bored?


Demanding food is a behavior of the members of the dog gang that we don’t like. It’s worth knowing, however, that your dog has not come up with it on its own. If the dog begs for food when we’re eating, it means somebody has taught this to him or her. Making this mistake will have its consequences, as unlearning it is difficult and time-consuming. But not impossible. Animals resemble humans in many respects. We can often observe and many dog owners...

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7 ideas for a play with a dog!

Everyone who owns a dog knows that there are 3 crucial things in their rascal lives: tasty food, rest and obviously crazy fun with people!

Why is having fun so important?

As you know well – little rascals don’t like to get bored! A lack of company and interesting activities leads dog bandits to even bigger craziness, or they look for entertainment in their own right, incl. digging up a backyard or destroying household objects. The dog, just as a human being,...

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Why does the dog wag its tail?

Most recent scientific considerations of the dog behavior researchers indicate that tail wagging may mean much more than “I’m happy to see you”.

In old cultures and beliefs the worlds of humans and animals were interrelated but along with the development of the civilization, they started to gradually become distant. Contemporarily, science allows us to broaden our knowledge of animals. We can get to know the results of the newest research, and wildlife documentaries enables us to observe animals in their natural environment. We get to know them better and so we...

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